Grammy 4 AI (new Pulse Lab 2.0)

Happy to announce the arrival of Pulse Lab 2.0! 🎶 The first single on the way to the second album is “Grammy 4 AI”. Released just before the Grammy weekend, the song tells a story of perhaps not very distant future when AI technology becomes so convincing that it can produce award-winning hits. Will some songwriters take the advantage of it to get their own names in the spotlight? 💭

The excellent sound of this track wouldn’t be possible without Kiffie who rebuilt my demo in a complimentary way 🎹 I’m also delighted to add that “Grammy 4 AI” was mixed and mastered by Simon Mills, one half of Bent ✨ First time I heard “Leavin’ Me” by Bent on a radio back in 2017 and instantly got enchanted by it. Their music explores different sound realms: laidback or ambient electronic music with a vintage feel and more dynamic songs, emotional and built on contrast of upbeat vs melancholic. Sir Elton John himself is a fan, so trust us both on this 😁 Simon also remixed songs for other artists (for example, Capital Cities) as Napoleon.

“Grammy 4 AI” is yours on all streaming platforms, and if you would like to have a digital copy, Apple Music and sell it at a reasonable price:

Last, but not least, it’s Bandcamp Friday, and my debut album “Lab Notes” still have some physical copies left for those who collect CDs:

I also encourage you to have look at Daniel and Simon’s Bandcamp and keep an eye on it because they both have been working on something special: